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Matters of Life and Death…read more

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Key Words
Heaven - A place of paradise where
God rules.
Hell - A place of horrors where Satan
Immortality Idea that the soul lives
of the soul - on after the death of the
body.…read more

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Purgatory - A place where Catholics
believe souls go after
death to be purified.
Resurrection - After death the body
stays in the grave until
the end of the world,
when it is raised again.…read more

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Why Christians believe in life after death
1. Main Christians belief is that Jesus rose
from the dead. All 4 Gospels say he was
crucified and buried in a stone tomb. On
the Sunday it was
found empty.…read more

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2. The creeds teach that there is life after
death. Christians should believe what
they say.…read more

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3. Protestant,
Orthodox and
churches have
differences in
what life after
death will be like
but they all teach
that it exists.…read more

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