Re- Sex and Relationship

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Sex and Relationships

Key Words:

Contract—a binding agreement between two sides.

Covenant—an agreement, or contract, between man and God.

Heterosexuality—being physically attracted to the opposite sex.

Homosexuality—being physically attracted to the same sex.

Responsibility—a legal duty or obligation to do something.

Civil Partnership—the legal registration of a same sex couple.

Divorce– when a marriage is legally dissolved.


Adultery– to have a sex with someone other than your husband or wife.

Age of consent—the age at which a person is considered old enough to be able to decide to have sex.

Celibacy—not having sexual relations.

Chastity—keeping oneself sexually pure, for example waiting until marriage to have sex.

Commitment—the act of making a promise of pledge

Contraception—precautions taken to prevent pregnancy and to protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Key things to know:

concepts of commitment, responsibility, contract and covenant.

· human sexuality and sexual relationships (heterosexual and

· homosexual relationships).

· age of consent and religious attitudes to sexual relationships before and outside marriage.

· religious attitudes to contraception.

· religious understandings of the purpose and character of marriage.

· marriage ceremonies, contracts and vows; alternatives to marriage.

· religious responses to the issues of love, parental involvement and race in the choice of marriage partner.

· the concept and role of parenting.

· the concept and role of the family.

· religious attitudes to divorce.

Sport and leisure:

Key words:


Leisure—spare time when not at work.

Relaxation—The act of relaxing or the state of being relaxed. Refreshment of body or mind.

PED’s—Performance Enhancing Drugs which are used in sports to improve performance and enhance chances of winning. Are often steroids.

Chaplain—a chaplain is a religious leader who is attached to an organisation. Over 70% of the sports teams in the UK have a chaplain.

Prejudice—to pre-judge someone without evidence.

Inspiration—actions or thoughts which cause someone to do something great. God is often seen as an inspiration.

 Sponsorship—companies giving money to sports people or celebrities so that they wear or do something.

Gambling—to bet on the outsome of a race, or sports event, with money.

Devotion—the great love or loyalty to someone or something, particularly in terms of religion.

Sabbath or Sabbat—the holy day of rest. Sunday for Christians, Friday night until Saturday night for Jewish people, and Friday for Muslims.

Professional—people who get paid to do something.

Amateur—someone who does something as a hobby, rather than as a job.

key things to know:


religious attitudes towards the purpose, use and importance of leisure. 

· types and purposes of relaxation, e.g. stress relief. 

· misuse of leisure time, e.g. casinos, binge drinking; morality in sport, e.g. winning at all costs, honesty, fair competition and use of performance enhancing drugs. 

· religious organisations within leisure, e.g. Christians in Sport,


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