Crime and Punishment

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Key Word Definition
Crime An act against the law
Judgement The act of judging people and their actions
Justice Due allocation of reward and punishment/the maintenance of what is
Law Rules made by Parliament and enforceable by the courts
Capital punishment The death penalty for a crime or offence
Deterrence The idea that punishments should be of such a nature that they will
put people off (deter) committing crimes
Rehabilitation Restore to normal life
Reform The idea that punishments should try to change criminals so they will
not commit crimes again
Retribution The idea that punishments should make criminals pay for what they
have done wrong
Sin An act against the will of God
Addiction A recurring compulsion to engage in an activity regardless of its bad
Responsibility Being responsible for one's actions
The difference between sin & crime
A crime is breaking the law of the land and is punishable by the legal
system of the country ­ e.g. armed robbery ­ imprisonment
A sin is breaking the law of God and is punishable on Judgement Day e.g.
adultery ­ go to hell
A crime that is not a sin is Martin Luther King breaking the apartheid law
in America because it was an unjust law going against human rights
A sin that is not a crime in some Christian's eyes is abortion which is legal in
this country
The need for law & justice

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Laws are rules made about how members of society are expected to behave. IN
the UK, laws are either made by parliament or by judges as a results of decisions
they reach in the cases that they hear in court (known as common law). The law is
upheld by courts and the police to ensure all members of society obey the law.
Why do we need laws?
To organise the behaviour of individuals in society.…read more

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Reformative punishments offer involving giving criminals education and
qualifications so they can find a proper job and no longer feel they need to
be a criminal
Capital punishment is a good punishment for murderers and terrorists
because if they are dead they cannot threaten people
Long prison sentences are a good punishment for violent people or
persistent burglars as they keep they out of society
Community service can be a good punishment for hooligans and vandals
because it keeps them off the streets
Why…read more

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Retribution and/or compensation are major parts of punishment and the
only retribution/compensation for taking a life is for a criminal's life to be
Non-religious arguments against capital punishment
Those who argue for the abolition of the death penalty offer the following
No court can be sure the correct verdict is given.…read more

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Crimes must be clearly proven
Muhammad sentenced people to death in Medina
Use non religious arguments
Other Muslims disagree because;
They say CP is recommended in Qur'an but not made compulsory
Use non religious arguments
The laws on drugs and alcohol
UK laws on tobacco
It is illegal to sell tobacco products to under 18's
All tobacco packs must have large, hard-hitting health warnings and are not
allowed to show misleading terms such as low-tar, mild and light
All adverts for tobacco products are banned,…read more

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Problems mainly relate to families of smokers who are caused great upset
by watching their loved ones die slowly from diseases that could have been
prevented if they had not smoked
Serious liver problems
Some stomach disorders
Mental health problems
Heart disease
Binge drinking
Crime and fatalities
o 41% of al deaths from falls, 30% of drowning deaths and 44-45% of
fire deaths are alcohol related
o 55-75% of murder victims and 40% of rape offenders have been
drinking at the time…read more

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Some believe in total abstinence (no alcohol or tobacco) because:
Taking tobacco or alcohol is abusing God's temple
There are passages in the Bible warning of drunkenness and the dangers it
can bring e.g.…read more

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Give two reasons for your point of view. (4)
(c) Explain why some Christians agree with capital punishment and some do not.
(d) "Religious people should always obey the law."
In your answer you should refer to at least one religion.
(i) Do you agree? Give reasons for your opinion. (3)
(ii) Give reasons why some people may disagree with you.…read more


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