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Year 11 Work…read more

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Rights and Responsibilities
Key words
Rights- something you're entitled to
Responsibilities ­ A duty which someone has
to carry out
UDHR ­ What is it?
In 1945, after the horrors of WW2, an international
organisation was established, the United Nations. It was
dedicated to maintaining peace & security and to solving
humanitarian problems.…read more

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How Christians make moral
The Bible Situation Ethics
Teachings of Jesus, Looking to the situation to
St Paul and others see what is the most
to give guidance loving thing to do is.
Christians use
the following
ways to make
moral decisions
The church Conscience
Teachings of the church Inner voice of God, guiding
leaders to give guidance Christians…read more

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Christians and the authority of the
Key word
Church ­ The community of Christians (with a
lowercase c, it means a Christian place of worship.
Talking to other Listening to the priest or
Christians Vicar
How does the
Church guide
Praying and Accepting the authority of
worshiping God the church to explain and
together teach God's word…read more

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Christians and Conscience
Key word:
Conscience ­ An inner feeling of rightness or wrongness
in an action
It makes us feel It is the way in which
guilty if we do people, both religious
things that are and non, can judge their
wrong moral actions
What is a
conscience It is a kind of guardian,
It is the inner part of a
? promoting believer to
person where the sense
of what is right and respond rightly to their
wrong is developed moral code
Some say it's the voice
of God within us.…read more

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Situation Ethics- Key words
Key words
Situation Ethics - The idea that Christians
should base moral decisions on what is the
most loving thing to do
Social Change - The way in which society has
changed and is changing, also the possibility
of change in the future.
Agape ­ Greek word for love. It's a selfless
type of love. A brotherly love, the love Jesus
showed.…read more

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