Christian Ethics. B603 and B604

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Religion and Human Relationships

Monogamy - It is the law to only have one spouse

Bigamy - The illegal act of having more than one spouse

Mathews Gospel - A man can only divorce his wife if she is infaithful to him

Marks Gospel - Anyone who divorces his wife commits adultery against her. 'What God has joined together, let no man separate'

Catholics say divorce is forbidden as marriage is a sacrament.

Procreation - Purpose of marriage is to reproduce

Women priests accepted by C of E in 1994

Women priests are said to be more informal and approachable.

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Religion and Medical Ethics

Doctrine of Double Effect - Abortion only accepted if it will save the mothers life... Doing something wrong but for the greater good.

Nothing in the Bible about IVF or abortion so Christians have to apply their understanding

Where do the spare embryos go? Is this morally worng ot be throwing away possible lives?

Ectopic pregnancy - When foetus gros in fallopean tube instead of womb

A.I.D - artificial insemination by donor

Reproductive cloning - Cloning which creates offspring

Modern Christians accept suicidal people aren't evil, but instead deeply unhappy... Samaritans.

Christianity and most religions disagree with Euthanasia

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Religion, Peace and Justice

Christians belief for PRO war...

Fight evil and defend the weak. In OT God told isralites to fight.

Christians belief AGAINST war...

Killing is murder (thou shall not kill)... 'love you enemy'... Conscientious objectors... Quakers.

'Blessed are the peace makers'

Liberation theology - speak out against injustice and fight when necessary to get fair treatment for everyone.

Deterrence, Protection, Retribution, Reformation

Elizabeth Fry - Christian who worked to improve conditions for prisoners. e.g - more privacy, better education...

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Religion and Equality

1950's African Caribbeans were not welcomed by English Christians... racism

In America some Christians used to be proud slave owners... 

1948 United Nations Declarations of Human Rights

Taize - place of pilgrimage for young Christians

Ecumenism - Breaking down barriers between Christians

Reconciliation - Catholics confessing to priest

Christians believe other religions have the right to practice their religion but only Christians know the truth about God.

Christianity is an evangelical religion - spreading and preaching the word of God.

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