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B604 Ethics 2 Exam Revision

Religion, Peace & Justice
Attitudes to War
Pacifism ­ The idea that war and physical violence are wrong under any circumstance

Pacifists believe all disputes can be settled peacefully, and that violence goes against the teachings
of Jesus.

Jesus encouraged his followers to lead…

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B604 Ethics 2 Exam Revision

Law & Justice ­ Attitudes to Violence
Justice: The idea of each person getting what they deserve, and maintaining what is right. In the
context of the law this means ensuring the guilty are punished and innocent protected

Teachings of the Bible
The old testament…

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B604 Ethics 2 Exam Revision

Punishment & Treatment of Criminals
Punishment can take a variety of forms, from community service or a fine to flogging or capital

There are five main objectives that most forms of punishment are there to achieve:

Retribution ­ Making a person pay for a…

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B604 Ethics 2 Exam Revision

Some Christians argue that you lose your right to life when you kill someone else, and so capital
punishment is acceptable for murderers.

Social Injustice
Social Injustice can mean:

Groups of people being unfairly disadvantaged, so they don't get the same opportunities in
society as…


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