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ethics b604

1.) what is meant by the term just war?

answer: Just war is a list of terms and conditions written by thomas aquantis for having a good enough reason to go  to war.

2.) Give two examples of social injustice

Racisism is an example of social injustice as it is looking down people because of their race. Also, breaking the law such as stealing is also an example of social injustice. (social justice means occasions when members of society are given fewer rights and priveledges than others)

3.) What do Christians believe about pacifism?

All types of christians are pacifists who believe that in any circumstance war is not allowed and do not believe in any violence. Many christians take on jesus teaching on peace as well as the ten commandments in the bible 'do not kill,' which many christians believe that killing is wrong in any circumstance and will be counted as a major sin in gods eyes.

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