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RS Ethics

B603 ­ Religion and human relationships Pages 1-5
Religion and medical ethics pages 5-9

B604- Religion, Pease and justice pages 10- 13
Religion and Equality

Religion and Human relationships

Monogamy ­ a faithful partnership with one person
Polygamy ­ married to more than one person
Promiscuity ­…

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"love thy neighbour" and the golden rule is that you should do to others how you would like to be
treated yourself. This shows caring and adultery and casual sex doesn't show care.

Church teachings say that;
God created the world with design and purpose. Organs should only be used…

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Vows: sickness/health, richer/poorer, better/worse, till parted by death. This shows that you accept
the person for who they are and will stay with them through the "better or worse"

Ring: unending commitment. Love as eternal.

As this is a sacrament in the RCC and the C of E they are…

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Jesus teaches divorce allowed if one partner commits adultery in MATTHEW'S gospel ­ this
is called the Matthean Exception. "anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual
immorality, makes her the victim of adultery"
Roman Catholic Church: Marriage is a sacrament so cannot divorce and re-marry as God has

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Woman made as a suitable companion for man (Genesis) Meaning: Equal in all things.

Jesus treated women with respect by having women followers e.g. several Marys. Women were the
first to arrive at the tomb and discover the resurrection. Meaning: equal and that god sent them first
to deliver the…

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Religion and medical ethics
Christians believe in the sanctity of life principle which is that human life is special and sacred and has
an intrinsic worth. This is because humans are made "imago dei" and as god has made us alike himself
we are above other species. Although we are…

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punished people for spilling their seeds in the bible. Spare embryos are killed which ruining the telos
of them. If external material is used it breaks the wedding vows.


There are 2 forms of Euthanasia

Voluntary- this is where the person is sane and asks to be killed. There…

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We were sent to be stewards to animals "God said care for the animals" animal testing is not caring
for them as we are purposely hurting them.

Man has power over animals and should use that to care for them or as a human race we are merely
species bullies.…

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Quotations page

"Do not commit murder" (murder means kills)
"God creates human beings making them like him-self"
"You are worth many sparrows"
"What can excuse the killing of the innocent"
"God knew him in his mother womb"
"to destroy life is evil yet to withhold love to people in distress…




This document was good but so many spelling mistakes!!! If you're going to post something as a revision source, make sure it actually makes sense. I spent at least 10 minutes spell checking the whole document!!!



Thankyou so much for this!! 

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