case study- Jamaica oppertunities and challenges created by tourism

case study or jamaica illistrating the oppertunties and challenges created by tourism

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oppertunities economic

  • tourism directly contributed $1.2billion to GDP which increases to $3.8billion including indirect tourism (31.1%total GDP)
  • direct employment totals 92,000 including indirect employment this increas to 289,000
  • largest source of foreign exchange and can be used to fund other economic and social activites
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oppertunities social

  • due to seasonal variation, 25% workers are laid off each year
  • efforts made to increase community tourism and therefore increasing profits reaching poorer people
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oppertunities environemental

  • creation of national parks creates income for conservation work from entry fees
  • marine parks created to preserve coral reefs and protect them from pollution and over fishing
  • raft trips up Rio Grande use manpower to reduce distrubance to surrounding wildlife
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challenges- economic

  • due to seasonality, 25% workers are laid off each year
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challenges- social

  • behaviour of some tourists clashes with local traditionals and morals
  • people have negative image of Jamaica dueb to high levels of violent crime and harrasment
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challenges- environmental

  • most of jamaicas government initiatives to try and protect the environment from damage have started too late, and much vulnerable biodiversity has already been lost
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