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REVISION…read more

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Why do people visit China?
- natural scenery - The terricota warriors
- forbidden city - Sanya Islands
1978- 300,000 foreign visitors to china
2006- 22 million…read more

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16.6 million people, 2.1% total employment
are employed in the travel+tourism
industry, including the indirect
employment it looks like more than 72
Tourism produces 2.5% of GDP and 12.2% if
you include indirect.…read more

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Increased rapidly over the last decade
Only 2% of China has gone abroad. In 2005
31 million Chinese travelled abroad
spending $512 billion. Equivalent to $500
per person.…read more

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Rising of disposable income
Longer holidays
Increased interest in overseas travel
Relaxed political restrictions
Greater availability of travel products +
services throughout China.
Advertising/promotions by AD'S countries
anxious to secure their markets sharing of
Chinese tourists.…read more

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