opportunities and challenges of tourism in Jamaica

case study for the opportunities and challenges created by tourism in Jamaica

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Case study: opportunities and challenges of tourism in Jamaica
oppertunites Challenges
Economic Directly contributed Due to seasonality, 25%
$1.2billion to GDP, workers are laid off
which increases to each year
$3.8billion when Jobs are low paid and
including indirect informal at times
tourism (31.1% total
Direct employment is
92,000 which increases
to 289,000 when
including indirect
Large source of foreign
Social Profits from foreign Behaviour of some
exchange used to fund tourists clashes with
services traditional culture such
Efforts made to as alcoholism and dress
increase community code
tourism, increasing Westernisation of
profits reaching poorer Jamaican culture
people Negative perception of
Jamaica due to high
crime levels
environmental Creation of national Most of the governments
parks- conservation of initiatives to protect the
ecosystems environment have started
Marine parks created to too late and much
preserve coral reefs and venerable biodiversity
protect them from has already been lost.
overfishing and pollution
Raft trips up Rio
Grande use man power
and small numbers of
tourists at a time to
reduce disturbance to
surrounding wildlife


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