Jamaica: opportunities created by tourism

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  • Jamaica: the oppertunities created by tourism
    • Economic and social development
      • 'jamacianisation'
        • policies:
          • high wages and special wage taxes
            • these went directly into social development, health care and education
      • 'hard infastructure'
        • Roads, telecommunications, water supply and airports
      • Tourism's direct contribution to GDP in 2007 amounted to almost $1.2 billion
        • with the indirect economic benefits the GDP was almost $3.8 billion. (31.1 percent of the total GDP)
        • direct employment in the industry amounted up to about 92000, but plus indirect employment it is three times as much
      • Tourism is the largest source of foreign exchange for the country
        • the revenue made from tourism plays a part in helping central and local government fund social and economical policies
      • attractions
        • The Jamaica Tourist Boad (JTB) is responsible for marketing the country abroad
          • It used the fact that Jamaica was one of the host countries for the 2007 cricket world cup to good effect
          • promotes positive aspects of Jamaican culture
            • The Bob Marley museam in Kingstone has become inrceasingly popular
            • these attractions help reduce seasonality
      • seasons
        • the rainy season extends from May to November, where 25 per cent of hotel workers are laid off
    • Environmental Protection
      • There are 3 national parks and there are a further 6 sitea which have been recognised for future protection
        • Entry fees fo the National Parks are used to pay for conservation
      • The two marine parks are attempting toconserve coral reef environmentss off the west coasts of Jamaica
        • They are at risk from: overfishing, industrial polution and mass tourism
      • ecotourism
        • A developing sector of the industry
        • Raft trips on the River Rio Grande
          • Tourist are taken downstream in very small groups. The rafts solely rely on manpower. They leave singly and with large time gaps so they do not disturb the peace of the forest
    • Community tourism
      • wants to improve community touism because it is seen as an important aspect of 'pro-poor' tourism
      • The Astra Country Inn
        • promoting B&B accommodation in private homes
        • training local guides
        • developing community-based tourist attractions
        • encouraging the development of local suppliers
      • problems
        • clashes between touist and locals
        • negative image


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