Problems and oppertunities of tourism

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  • Problems and oppertunities created by tourism
    • Jamaica- oppertunities
      • economic oppertunities
        • GDP has risen substantially
        • tourism has lead to development of hard infra structure EG roads and airports
        • tourisms direct contribution: $1.2 billion (direct) $3.8 billion (in direct) which is 31% of total GDP
        • large source of foreign exchange
      • social oppertunities
        • in 1970's jamaica introduced 'Jamaicanisation polocies, designed to attract foreign investment. income went directs on social developments
        • Large hotels are becomming socially conscious by funding local social projects
        • Astra Country Inn- recognised as pioneer hotel, in promotes local B and B and encourages development of local suppliers
        • Jamaican tourist board promotes positive aspect of jamaican culture, EG Bob marley museum in Kingston
        • community tourism is promoted- pro-poor tourism
        • direct employment- 92,000 and indirect is 289,000
      • Environmental oppertunities
        • 2 marine parks are conserving coral reefsoff West coast. at risk from overfishing and pollution
        • entry fees to national parks pay for conservation
        • Ecotourism is developing- raft trips down Rio Grande river, small groups of people, ma power, irregular trips so not to disturb wildlife
    • Myanmar- problems
      • economic problems
        • major human rights abuses have been ctalouged in tourist industry
        • foreign currency mainly spent on military. less than 44p per person spent on socila issues
        • difficult to travel around as hotels and transport companies are owned by military/
        • direct travel and tourism- 3% of employment, indirect is 6% total employment. 3% of GDP
      • social problems
        • 100,000 visitors per year
        • Burma campaign UK suggest that 1 million people have been displaced from thei homes to make the cities 'beautiful'
          • in Pagan 5000 villigers were given 2 weeks to pack up and leave
        • Tourism concern say that by people visiting we are accepting the poor human rights
        • jobs are seasonal
      • political issues
        • lack of political development. 60% of people live in extreme poverty
      • environmental issues
        • expanding tourism has been rushed and the ennvironment has suffered
        • tropical islands, magrove and rice growing plains have all taken a hit.


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