case study-Myanmar oppertunities and challenges created by tourism

case study of myanmar illistrating the oppertunities and challenges created by tourism

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oppertunities- environmental

large variety of ecosystems, tropical island, raainforests and mangroves attract tourists to the country

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oppertunities- economic

  • jobs in tourism accounted for 3% total employment in 2007
  • total travel and tourism accounted for 1.35million jobs boosting total employment to 6.1% in tourism alone
  • direct tourism accounted for 3.2% GDP
  • indirect tourism accounted for 6.7% GDP
  • attracts between 100,000 and 200,000 foreign visitors a year
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challenges- economic

  • government corruption- lots of hotels owned by the government
  • most of country's bdget (50%) (contributed to by tourism) is used in military spending resulting in 60% population living in poverty
  • increase in tourist increases this problem
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  • 1 million displaced to improve attraction of cities and for new tourist developments (hotels, airports, golf courses)- in Pagan 5000 people had 2 weeks to leave and were given no compensation
  • hundreds used as forced labour to build new tourist development and to clean existing ones
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challenges- environmental

  • due to fast pace of developing tourism, any environmental conservation is ignored creating negative long term effects
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