Biology Topic 5


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Primary Succession: starts in newly formed habitats where there has never been a community before.

Pioneer species: first organisms to colonise bare rocks are lichens and algae

Climax Community: A community usually dominated by trees causes a stable climax community.

Deflected succession: A community that only remains stable only because human activity prevents succession from running it's course.

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Producers also known as autotrophs are organisms that can make their own organic compounds from inorganic compounds.

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Photolysis = splitting of water.

Hydrogen reacts with carbon dioxide in order to store the hydrogen. Carbon dioxide is reduced to form Gluclose.

Light dependant reactions

Use energy from light and Hydrogen from photolysis to produce reduced NADP, ATP and Oxygen. Oxygen either used in respiration or released.

Light Independant reactions

Uses the reduced NADP and ATP to reduce carbon dioxide to carbohydrates.

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