Biology- primary succession (SNAB)

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A primary succession starts in newly formed habitats where there has never been a community before. This can occur on bare rock (where you may see lichens starting to form) or on sand and shingle. when succession is not prevented then it continues and after thousands of years a relatively stable community is established

The start of primary succession is marked by the growth of a pioneer species, which are the first species to colonise an area. these species are the only species that can survive in such extreme environments. (these environments may have lack of water, sunlight and nutrients). the pioneer species break up the surface which allows some organic material to accumulate, this is the beginnings of soil. basically pioneer species change the conditions in the habitat just enough so that the habitat is now suitable for other species. 

succession then continues, mosses and such build up more soil, so that it can now hold water. now, small shallow rooted plants can begin to grow. As the conditions in…


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