Becoming an Elite Performer

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  • Development of Elite performers
    • Qualities required for Elite Performance
    • Sport England
      • Aims to increase participation in sport, from Grass roots to Elite level
      • Works with NGB's to target areas of low participation
      • Develops sports facilities through Lottery Money
    • Whole Sports Plans
      • Works with NGB's to produce a Whole sports plan
        • Mapping out how the NGB will implement Sport England's Aims
    • Youth Sports Trust
      • Responsibl;e for sustaining and increasing the quality of school sport including P.E.
    • World Class Programme
      • World Class Devlopment
        • Supports Athletes who have realistic medal capabuilities (6 Years)
      • World Class Podium
        • Athletes who may be medal winners at next Olympics (4 Years)
      • World Class Talent
        • Identifies talent and progresses them to a higher pathway (8 years)
    • UK Sport
      • Aims to develop Elite Athletes
      • Directs the World Class Programme
      • Provides funding so that athletes can train full time
        • Provides Kit / Equipment
        • Coaching
        • Funds Facilities
        • Nutritionists and Physiotherapists
        • Travel Costs
      • Monitors and assesses Athletes Performance and development
      • Conducts Drugs tests and enforces anti-doping policies
    • English Institute of Sport
      • Responsible for the Athletic talent search and implementing the First Track programme
      • Offers a range of services
        • Nutrition
        • Physiotherapists
        • Sports Science
        • Sports Medicine
        • Sports facilities
    • NGB's
      • Each Sport has a Governing Body
      • Maintains the rules and discipline involved with that Sport
      • Promotes the Sport Globally
      • Put structure in place to help develop participation and athletes
    • British Olympic Association
      • Organise and Coordinate the British Olympic team and all Olympic matters
      • Promotes interest / application to host Olympics
      • Involved in Team selection, kit, coaches, venues etc.
    • Sports Coach UK
      • Provides a range of education / trainign courses for coaches
      • Aims to improve the level of coaching recieved by Athletes, particularly in schools
      • Assists NGB's in the running of coaching awards


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