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Example of a UDC

Example of UDC

  • The London Docklands Development Corporation occurred over 17 years and had £1.9 billion in public sector investment and £7.7 billion in private sector investment
  • 431ha of land sold for development and 762ha of derelict land reclaimed
  • 144km of new and improved roads
  • 24,046 new homes built
  • 11 new primary schools, 2 secondary schools, 3 post-16 colleges, and 9 vocational training centre received funding
  • 85,000 people now work in London Docklands
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Example of City Challenge

Example of City Challenge

  • Hulme in Manchester was regenerated in the 1990s
  • Through City Challenge, Hulme received £37.5 million
  • Crescents that were built in the 1960s were demolished, but some old buildings were retained
  • Homes were designed to conserve water, and be energy efficient and pleasant
  • There was a return to a traditional layout - Stretford Road was rebuilt after demolition of crescents
  • Local schools and a new park have been built and the view of local people was taken into account
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Example of Sustainable Communties

Example of Sustainable Communities

  • The initiative began in 2003 and affected  an area of east Manchester, formally known as Cardroom and now renamed as New Islington Millennium Village
  • 66 houses, 200 ground-floor apartments, 500 two and three storey apartments, and 600 1 and 2-bed apartments were built
  • 12 bridges and 3,000 metres of canalside was created
  • 10 new shops, 2 pubs, 2 restaurants were developed
  • 300 new trees were planted, 2 garden islands, an orchard, a beach, play areas and climbing rocks were created
  • A primary school and play areas, a health centre with 8 GPs were put in place
  • Recycling collection pointed were created that allowed occupants to recycle 50% of domestic waste
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