Geography: Newcastle

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Newcastle Location:

Newcastle can be located in the north-east of England (Europe), and is part of the county of Tyne and Wear. It is located very close to the sea. Grid reference: 55.0077°N 1.6578°W

Research task based exam question from yesterday: 

Explain the national and international importance of a major city in the UK that you have studied (4 marks) 

Newcastle is internationally important because it has two big universities: Durham and Newcastle. Newcastle is known for being a student city. Newcastle University are partners with the centre for life, which carries out genetic research. It is known globally, as it often leads new research. In addition, it has partners with other countries, and many students from the UK may go over to work in foein countries and vice versa. Also, it has an airport - Newcastle International Airport connects you to over 85 destinations worldwide.

Furthermore, it has the Helix centre, which is the only place other than London, where open heart surgery can take place

Migration - The movement of people from one place to another

International migration - The movement of people from one country to another

Emigrate - To leave your own country

Positives and Negatives of International Migration to Newcastle



  • The new migrants will work and pay taxes
  • Having workers willing to work for relatively low pay may see local people not able to get a job
  • Job vacancies and skills gaps can be filled


  • Migrants may be exploited
  • Host countries are enriched by cultural diversity (new religions/festivals and foods)
  • Increases in population can put pressure on public services


  1. 500,000 acres of commercial space

  2. New public spaces

  3. Sustainability

  4. Fastest growing tech centre except London

  5. 1.7 million people of working age living with 30 minutes drive

  6. 5 universities

  7. 30 trains to London

  8. Frequent international shipping

  9. space effective public spaces and living places

  10. more green spaces

  11. Good transport services - international flights from Newcastle Airport

Newcastle: Recreation and Entertainment

Recreation is one of the things that Newcastle is most famous for.

Entertainment can be found in places such as the Sage and Newcastle Arena

Cultural attractions include the Hancock Museum and the Theatre Royal

Rugby is just one of the many sports that Newcastle is famous for

Events linked to the 2012 Olympics were held in Newcastle

Add the many bars and clubs that can be found in Newcastle and it becomes obvious why it has an internationally famous nightlife reputation

The Great North Run is just one of several sporting events that Newcastle has hosted

In the city, there are many large venues as well as some specialist venues

Ouseburn is where The Cluny - a specialist venue - can be found Newcastle Arena is one of many large venues where you can enjoy live music

Newcastle: Integrated Transport System 

Choose three statements from the information that are facts - you then need to AO2 them to explain how this




Durham University is in Durham, not Newcastle, Northumbria University is in Newcastle.