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Workplace stress, research and
AS Psychology, AQA A, unit 2-
biological (stress)…read more

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Workplace stress
· Anything at work that makes you stressed
· Any aspect of the working environment that we experience
as stressful and which can cause stress reactions in our
Examples of workplace stressors
· Noise
· Length of working day
· Inherent change
· Organisation of work
· Amount of work
· Relationships with other employees
· Role responsibility
· Amount of choice/control you have…read more

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Investigated whether people get stressed at work due to
lack of control or high demand of workload
· Tested 7372 civil servants from London who were given a
questionnaire measuring smoking habits, employment
grade, sense of control and amount of social support.
Participants also had a cardiovascular health check
· Found that people with high graded jobs and more social
support have least amount of CHD, people with less control
and social support have higher chances of CHD
· This shows that lower job control leads to higher amount
of stress and stress related illnesses…read more

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Marmot- evaluation
· Low Internal validity- confounding variable of smoking and
diet may be the real cause of stress related illnesses and
not stress itself.
· Low population validity- only studied civil servants who did
less physically demanding jobs, so we don't know if the
effects of work on stress would be the same for people
with more physically demanding jobs.
· Poor ethics, harm- questionnaire that asked personal
questions were used which could cause stress and distress
for participants.
· Social desirability bias- questionnaires can cause people to
lie to try and fit in with society's expectations.…read more

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Johansson- Swedish sawmill workers
· Studied Swedish sawmill workers and found that
those who worked longer cutting wood had more time
off due to illness and higher levels of adrenaline in
their urine.
· This shows that highly demanding jobs or jobs with a
high workload can be stressful…read more

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Johansson- Swedish sawmill workers-
· Low population validity- only involved Swedish sawmill
workers, so the results are only able to be
generalised to one type of job in one country as we
don't know if the effects on stress are different in
other jobs or countries.…read more

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