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Physical stressors e.g.
Length of working day
Psychosocial stressors e.g.
Relationships with co-workers
Role responsibility
These categories of stressors have the
potential within them to cause stress and
therefore our physical and mental health
Whether they do affect our health depends on
our ability to cope and the social support we
receive…read more

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Marmot et al. (1997) studied the job-strain
model of workplace stress which suggests that
stress and illness are caused by the workplace
in two ways:
High workload (high job demands)
Low job control (deadlines, procedures etc)
Marmot et al. said that in the civil service,
low-grade employees would have low job
control and high-grade employees would have
high workload- both potentially suffer from
workplace stress but for different reasons…read more

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7372 civil servants working in London answered a
questionnaire on workload, job control and social
The participants were also checked for
cardiovascular disease.
Participants were re-assessed 5 years later
No link between high workload and stress-related
illness was found
The people who reported low job control were
more likely to develop heart disease than those
with high job control-other factors (e.g. Lifestyle)
did not appear to have an impact
Workload and amount of social support did not
show a connection with the risk of developing
heart disease.…read more

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Study on the effects of carrying out repetitive
tasks that require continuous attention and
some responsibility
Sawyers in a Swedish sawmill have a stressful
job- it requires them to be constantly focussed
as if they are not the whole company will fall
There were higher illness rates and higher
adrenaline levels found in the high-risk
workers than in the low-risk workers
The high-risk group also had higher levels of
stress on their working days than their rest
days…read more

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Meta-analysis of 14 studies (83,000 employees
from Europe/America/Japan) on the risk of
developing coronary heart disease (CHD)
because of workplace stress
The meta-analysis found that employees with
high levels of stress in their jobs were 50%
more likely to develop CHD…read more

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