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Stress in the Workplace…read more

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What causes stress at work?
· Workload
· Control
· Psychical environment
· Home/work balance…read more

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· Having too much work or too little work can
be stressful.
Level of overload
As the workload increases, the
amount of stress-related
illnesses will increase.
On a graph, this is shown in as
a positive correlation.
Number of illnesses…read more

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· Aims: to measure job control and its effects on
stress related illness
· Procedure:
· 14 finishers in a Swedish sawmill (high-risk group)
were compared to 10 cleaners (low-risk group)
· levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline in the
urine were measured on work days and rest days
· Cases of illness and absenteeism was recorded.
· Natural experiment…read more

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Finishers Cleaners
· High workload · Low work load
· Repetitive · Freedom to work at your
· Machine-based own pace
· Responsibility to not fall · Less responsibility
behind on work because it · More sociable
affected the pay of all the · More varied
High-stress Low-stress
group group…read more

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· Findings:
· There were higher levels of the hormones adrenalin and
noradrenalin in the blood in the finishers' than the cleaners'
or the control group
· There were higher levels of adrenalin and noradrenalin on
work days than rest days
· The finishers had more stress-related illnesses and days off
Level of overload
Number of illnesses…read more

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