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June 12
1a Outline the pituitary-adrenal system (3marks)

1b Outline the sympathomedullary pathway (3marks)

2 Outline and evaluate research into life changes as sources of stress (8marks)

3 (6 marks)

4 (4marks)

Jan 12
1 Describe one research study that has investigated stress in the workplace. In answer include…

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3 Life changes and daily hassles are often measured using questionnaires. Give 2 limitations of using
questionnaires (2+2marks)

4 Discuss 2 or more methods of stress management (12 marks)

June 11


2 Explain 2 strengths of using questionnaires in research (2+2marks)

3 Describe 1 or more studies of workplace…

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Jan 11

1a (4marks)

1b Explain what psychological research has shown about the stressful impact of either life changes or
daily hassles (4 marks)

2a Explain one possible ethical issue that might arise when using questionnaires in this area of
psychology (2marks)

2b Apart from ethics, explain one other problem…

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1a (2marks)

1b Identify 1 limitation of this study and explain how you would correct it (2marks)

1c Outline 1 problem-focused approach to coping with stress (2marks)


Explain why having Type A personality makes him more likely to suffer the negative effects of stress

2b Outline 1 way…

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2 (4marks)

3a (2marks)

3b Outline 1 strength and 1 weakness of using correlations in stress research (4marks)

4 Describe personality factors that have been shown to influence the way people respond to stress

5 (6marks)


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