workplace stress


Workplace stress

Workload and control

Marmot et al 1997

  • Investigated the job-strain model of workplace stress.
  • The workplace creates stress and illness in two ways: high work load and low job control
  • Suggested that in the civil service, higher grade employees would experience high workload whereas low-grade civil servants would experience low job controls.
  • 7372 answered a questionnaire on workload, job control and amount of social support
  • Checked for signs of cardiovascular disease
  • Five years later the participants were re-examined.


·         No link between high workload and stress-related illness, job role was not significant to stress. However other studies have examined different aspects of ‘demand’ or ‘workload’.

Johansson et al 1978

·         Looked at the effects of performing retrospective jobs that require continuous attention and some responsibility = high job demand.

·         The sawyers In a Swedish sawmill = a high risk job, repetitive tasks, with huge responsibility.


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