Stress in the workplace

Insight into stress in the workplace, showing how stress can have an effect on your effiency at work and teh fators within your working enviroment which cause you to become stressed.

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Workplace stress; Johannson 'lack of control'

Stress in the work place
Johansson et al 1978              -LACK OF CONTROL IN W.P
-looked at stressin conjunction to having control in the workplace

-Compared 14 'finishers' at a sawmill with 10 cleaners

-rates of abernteeism and stress related illness in each group were compared as were levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline which were found in their irine and saliva
-they were tested on work and rest days

Concluded; high responsability of finishers with lack of control over work added up to increased levels of stress, illness and abenteeism.

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Work Place Stress; Evaluation of Johansson

Johansson et al, lack of control in the workplace.

1) personality types of employees may have been factor influencing their stress responces or even their general physical health.
      -This was not investigated.

2)Num. of factors influencing stress were identified but its not clear from research which is teh most important, or if they worked togther to form stress responce from the finishes.

3)Natural experiement means lack of control over variables.

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Work place stress; Beaman and holt 'noise'

Stress in the work place
Beaman and Holt              -Noise in the workplace
-thought noise could be a factor in workplace stress

-Found different types of noise effected memory and this may lead to increased arousal and fustration


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Work place stress; Halapern, 1995 'Tempriture'

Stress in the work place
Halapern, 1995              -Tempriture of the enviroment

-tempriture of enviroment influences our behaviour with agression levels increasing in hotter souroundings

-this may lead to increased stress.

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