Unit 2 AQA Sociology: Revision quiz for Ethnic Differences in achievement

AQA AS Sociology, quiz on all content. No answers, all can information can be found in the orange textbook or see uploaded revision notes

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Ethnic differences in achievement:
1. What does Bowker see as a barrier to progress in education and integration into wider society?
2. What does the Swann Report say about language in relation to achievement?
3. How can a lack of socialisation into values such as competition affect educational achievement?
4. What does Scruton see as the cause of low level of achievement in ethnic minorities?
5. What does Driver and Ballard say about Asian families and their benefits of the family structure?
6. What does Lupton say about adult authority in Asian families and the effect it has on behaviour in
7. How does Khan describe Asian families?
8. What percentage of 11-16 year old ethnic minority and white pupils aspired to go to university?
9. What does Lupton blame for the lower levels of behaviour in white w/c pupils?
10. What does Evans say about white w/c street culture and its impact inside of school?

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How does Lawrence challenge Pryce's view?
12. How does Keddie describe the cultural deprivation theory?
13. Why do some critics oppose compensatory education schemes?
14. How does Flaherty claim that ethnic minorities are more likely to face problems of material
15. How do Gillborn and Mirza argue that social class factors do not override the influence of ethnicity?
16. Give one example of how Rex shows how racial discrimination leads to social exclusions and then
worsens poverty faced by ethnic minorities
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Where do Gillborn and Youdell claim much of the conflict between white teachers and black pupils
stems from?
21. How does Foster claim teachers stereotypes of black pupils influenced how they are treated?
22. Why does Wright claim that Asian pupils are the victims of teacher labelling?
23. How did girls in Fuller's study react to being labelled negatively?
24. Does Fullers' study show that negative labelling does not inevitably lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy?
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How does David describe the National curriculum?
31. How does Ball criticise the national curriculum?
32. How does Coard claim that the ethnocentric curriculum may produce under-achievement?
33. What do Troyna and Williams claim the ethnocentric curriculum is an example of?
34. What has selection in schools given more scope for?
35. What does Davenport and Moore conclude that selection leads to?
36. What reasons does the Commission for Racial equality give for racisms in school admissions
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What does Evans argue sociologists need to examine when researching children's achievement?
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