Unit 2 AQA Sociology: Revision quiz for Gender Differences in achievement

AQA AS Sociology, quiz on all content. No answers, all can information can be found in the orange textbook or see uploaded revision notes

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Gender differences in achievement:
1. Suggest 3 reasons why girls do better than boys at school
2. What does McRobbie point to and find in his studies of the impact of feminism?
3. Name 3 changes to the family since the 1970s
4. Suggest one way in which these changes have helped influence girls achievement
5. How has the 1970 Equal Pay Act reduce the pay gap?
6. What is the `glass ceiling'?
7. Greater opportunity, better pay and role models influenced girls to achieve?
8. What did Sharpe find in her study of girls and their ambitions in the 1970s compared to the 1990s?
9. What did Francis find from her interviews of girls in 2001?
10. Name one policy which suggests that The belief that boys and girls are equally capable and entitled to the same
opportunities is now part of the mainstream thinking in education

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What does Boaler say about the impact of equal opportunities on the education system?
12. Has there been an increase or decrease in the amount of female teachers in school? Include a statistic
13. What is a possible impact of schools becoming `feminised'?
14. What does Gorad find about the gender gap in achievement from 1975-1988?
15. What does Gorad say the gender gap in achievement is the product of?
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How does Slee explain the reason why boys are less attractive to schools than girls?
23. What does the DCSF 2007 claim that the gender gap is mainly because of?
24. How does boys having less of a `bedroom culture' affect their language skills needed to achieve?
25. What do Mitsos and Browne blame for boys lacking achievement motivation?
26. What does Sewell see as the reason why boys have fallen behind?
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In Dewar's study, why were some girls called lesbians or `butch'?
35. How does sex-typing influence subject choice?
36. What does Connell claim is one way in which gender and sexual identities are reinforced?
37. Lees found that girls are likely to be called `slags' if they...
38. How does Paetcher claim that name-calling is a way helping to shape gender identity and maintain male power?
39. Why were boys likely to be called `gay' in Parker's study?
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What does Mac an Ghaill call the visual aspect to the way pupils control each others' identity?
44. What does Mac an Ghaill see the male gaze as?
45. What is a double standard?
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