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1. According to Parsons, which role do men perform?

2. What type of conjugal roles do symmetrical families involve?

3. Gershuny believes that men are more likely to do labour if their wives are in what type of employment? (full time, part
time or not working)

4. Give two…

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1. Explain what is meant by the `social construction of childhood'

2. What does Pilcher note as being the most important feature of the modern idea of childhood?

3. Name two ways Benedict argues that children in non industrial societies are treated differently from their modern
western counterparts


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Perspectives on the family:
1. What are the 4 functions of the family according to Murdock?

2. How do Marxists criticise Murdock?

3. What are the two functions of the family according to Parsons?

4. What type of family was dominant in pre-industrial society according to Parsons?

5. How does…

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1. How does women postponing having children affect birth rates?

2. Name three reasons for the decline in the birth rate

3. How do the changes in fertility affect the dependency ratio in the short and long term?

4. Name three reasons for the decline in the death rate…

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Changing family patterns:
1. Name three reasons for the increase in divorce

2. Define the 3 types of marital breakdown

3. How has secularisation affected the increase in divorce rates?

4. What does Fletcher blame for the rising divorce rates?

5. How has the availability of welfare benefits affected the…

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Family diversity and the life course:
1. What type of family does New Right see as the best `fit'?

2. What family does Chester argue is becoming more dominant in modern society? What does this family type include?

3. What types of diversity do the Rapoports claim exist in modern…

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Families and social policy:
1. Name two things that the Russian social policy included after the revolution of 1917

2. Identify two ways in which social policy measures then changed again with the threat of war with Nazi Germany

3. What does Wilson note about the One Child Policy in…




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