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AS SOCIOLOGY…read more

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Functionalism…read more

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Consensus theory
Main function of education is secondary
socialisation ­ teaches norms & values to
maintain a value consensus (social solidarity ­
united society)
Education maintains social order, without this
anomie would break out
Education provides work with a skilled
workforce (organic analogy)…read more

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Education is a meritocracy -> it is fair & based
on equality of opportunity
Education performs role allocation -> allocates
occupations to students based on their
Education can adapt to the needs of society ->
IT workers needed so IT became compulsory
through the nation curriculum (1988)…read more

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Important studies for
Functionalism…read more

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Durkheim ­ social solidarity
Education socialises students into a value
consensus ­ uniting individuals & providing a
sense of belonging
Pupils learn manners, respect, and hard work
which prepares them for later life (hidden
Education provides skills needed in industrial
society -> complex division of labour…read more

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Great! Thank you! :D



I found that the content in the actual Sociology textbook was way too much, but this power point is perfect! Exactly what I need for revision on education, thank you so much :)

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