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1. According to Parsons, which role do men perform?
The instrumental role ­ geared towards achieving success so that he can provide for the family financially
2. What type of conjugal roles do symmetrical families involve?
Joint conjugal roles ­ where the couples share tasks such as housework and…

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1. Explain what is meant by the `social construction of childhood'
Social construction of childhood means that childhood is created and defined by society. Therefore what
people mean by childhood and the position that children occupy in society is not fixed, but differs between
times, places and cultures

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The stable satisfaction of the sex drive, reproduction of the next generation, meeting its members economic
needs and socialisation of the young
2. How do Marxists criticise Murdock?
Marxists argue that the family serves the needs of capitalism, not those of family members or society as a
3. What…

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In the short term: the fall in the number of children reduces the `burden of dependency' on the working
population. In the long term: fewer babies being born will mean fewer young adults and a smaller working
population, so the burden of dependency may begin to increase again
3. Name…

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Changing family patterns:
1. Name three reasons for the increase in divorce
Any three from: changes in law, declining stigma and changing attitudes, secularisation, rising expectations of
marriage, changes in the position of women
2. Define the 4 types of marital breakdown
Empty-shell marriage: where the couple continue to live…

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Family diversity and the life course:
1. What type of family does New Right see as the best `fit'?
The new right believe that the traditional patriarchal nuclear family is the best `fit'
2. What family does Chester argue is becoming more dominant in modern society? What does this family…

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Families and social policy:
1. Name two things that the Russian social policy included after the revolution of 1917
Any two from: changed laws to make divorce easier to obtain, constitution guaranteed equality between the
sexes, women entered paid employment on vast scale, state began to provide workplace and other…




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