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Unit 3 Superpowers PreRelease Glossary 2016

Term Definition
Global Superpower A term used to describe the nation or nations
with dominant position in international
relations determined by multiple factors.
GDP Gross Domestic Product , the monetary value of
all finished goods made
Global Trading Nation A country that trades products…

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Local People's Congress Locally elected people who in turn elect the
higher government systems (China)
Industrialised To introduce industry into an area on a large
Infrastructure The basic physical and organisational structures
and facilities needed for the operation of
Subsidies A sum of money granted by the state…

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AsiaPacific Region The business region consisting of the whole of
Asia and the Pacific rim
Population Projection Estimates of the total size as well as the
composition of the population in the future
Geopolitical Hierarchy The rank of nations within a geopolitical scale.
Critical Resource The main resource used for…




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