Unit 3 Pre-Release Superpowers Glossary

Glossary of all the technical language used within the 2016 Superpowers Pre-release booklet

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Unit 3 Superpowers PreRelease Glossary 2016
Term Definition
Global Superpower A term used to describe the nation or nations
with dominant position in international
relations determined by multiple factors.
GDP Gross Domestic Product , the monetary value of
all finished goods made
Global Trading Nation A country that trades products internationally
Import Bringing goods/services into a country for sale
Export Sending goods/services to another country for
Refined Petroleum The process in which crude oil is processed to
make a more useful product
State Owned Enterprises A large organisation created by a countries
government to carry out activities
Joint Venture A commercial enterprise which is undertaken
by two or more parties which otherwise retain
TNC Transnational Corporation , a company that
operates in more than one country
Fortune 500 companies Companies that feature on the USA fortune 500
FDI Foreign Direct Investment , the investment
made by a company in one country to a
company in another country
HDI The Human Development Index , is used to rank
countries on levels of social and economic
Gini Coefficient A measure of inequality of a distribution. It is
stated as a ratio of between 01
Social Progress Index The capacity of a society to meet the basic
needs of its citizens
Basic Human Needs The elements required for survival and normal
mental and physical health
Foundations of Wellbeing A persons access to basic knowledge ,ICT,
health and wellbeing as well as ecosystem
Opportunity Peoples access to no restrictions on their rights
e.g. Freedom of Speech
Political Systems A system of politics and government, e.g
Democracy A system of government by which the whole
population or eligible members elects leaders
General Election The election of representatives to a legislature
Lok Sabha The lower house of Indian Parliament (House of
the People)
Communist Party A Political party believing most economic
activities should be owned or controlled by

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Local People's Congress Locally elected people who in turn elect the
higher government systems (China)
Industrialised To introduce industry into an area on a large
Infrastructure The basic physical and organisational structures
and facilities needed for the operation of
Subsidies A sum of money granted by the state or public
body to help an industry keep the price of a
service or commodity low.
Poverty `The lack of or inability to achieve a socially
acceptable standard of living' ­FAO.…read more

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AsiaPacific Region The business region consisting of the whole of
Asia and the Pacific rim
Population Projection Estimates of the total size as well as the
composition of the population in the future
Geopolitical Hierarchy The rank of nations within a geopolitical scale.
Critical Resource The main resource used for a specific purpose.
E.g. Coal for energy generation in China
Cost of Living The level of prices relating to a range of
everyday items.…read more



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