Pre-release series (#2) [2014]: possible questions for the pre-release.


I am just editing my resources to accomodate for the series of pre-release information I've created.

Here's #2

Projected documents in the series:

#0.5- Initial ideas.

#1- Timelines of East Africa from the 1880s to the present day.

#2- Possible questions for the pre-release.

#3- Theories of development.

#4- Extra research and the overall pre-release revision notes.

#5-Parallel examples to the East African region.

#6-Stakeholders views in the LAPSSET project.

#7- Mind map (overview) on Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.


More may be added in the future.

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Possible questions for the pre-release
I. Explain the reasons why countries in the East African region have struggled to progress along the
development pathway.
II. Compare the differential progress towards development made by the countries in East Africa.
III. Explain why countries in East Africa are developing at different rates.
IV. Describe the geography of East Africa.
V. Consider the impact that the physical geography of east Africa has on development in the region.
VI. Explain how ethno linguistic groups and political boundaries have led to the development being hindered
I. Assess the extent to which countries in East Africa are making progress towards development.
II. Evaluate the barriers to development for the countries in East Africa.
III. Examine the possible conflict that may result between countries within this region.
IV. Assess the socio-political factors that have limited development in the East Africa region.
V. Analyse whether conflict and unrest, or poor governance, have been the greatest limit to development.
VI. Examine the differences in the levels of development between the East African countries.
VII. To what extent have Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania made progress in their levels of development?
VIII. What evidence is there to suggest that the development gap is closing in East Africa?
IX. Assess whether participation of HIPC, helps to increase development.
X. Explain why there is a lack of progress in development in East Africa.
XI. Explain why there is a development gap in East Africa.
I. Evaluate the threats to future development of the countries in the region.
II. Assess the likely effectiveness of the LAPSSET project in bringing development to Kenya.
III. Evaluate the possible strategies countries in this region could be used in order to develop.
IV. To what extent can political and economic changes aid future development in East Africa?
V. Assess the extent to which trade will be important in the future for the development of the region
VI. Evaluate the potential proposed changes in East Africa as a means to bridge the development gap.
VII. Assess the likely success of the LAPSETT project.
VIII. How successful have the economic and political strategies employed in East Africa been in bringing about
further development in the region?
IX. Evaluate the costs and benefits for future development strategies in the East African countries that will
reduce the development gap
X. To what extent do key players believe that current political and economic development plans will bring
greater cohesion to the region? How do they justify their viewpoints?
XI. Evaluate whether the projects/campaigns/organisations have been successful in reducing the
development gap in East Africa.



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This is so useful thank you!

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