Types of communication

Different types of commuication and their advantages and disadvantages.

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Face to Face You can see their facial expression Can have a strong accent Business meeting
can ask questions if you do not You can forget what the person Job interview
understand something said
Phone and Landline Quicker It costs To get information
You don't have to be with them Might have bad connection
Email Not much cost Can get : Job application
Very fast viruses
Can attach files spam
Can send anywhere across the world
Texting Can send in bad signals Small cost Information
Fairly instant
Can read over again
Sign Language If you cannot communicate you can A lot of people don't know sign For someone who can't
use sign language language hear
Standard letter Can send original It's slow To send information
Can get lost in the mail around
Memorandum (Memo) It is a short quick message. Can get lost Inform staff of an
Can be read by the wrong people important meeting


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