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Human resources…read more

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To identify the main job roles
Understand what an organisation chart is.
Look at the recruitment process.
Talk about application process
Understand the types of training
Identify ways of motivating staff
Understand the world of communication…read more

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Job roles
There are 4 main job roles in a business-
Runs the business
Makes sure aims are met
Controls the running of the business
Works on the decision made by the director
Controls the job of the workers
They do the job…read more

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Organisation Charts
Organisation charts are charts that tell us
the internal structure of the business and
the jobs within it.
It might contain the following things-
Different functional areas
Job roles
Number of people in a department
Levels of responsibilities…read more

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Job Analysis- What a job involves
Job description- What the employee has to
Person Specification- Type of person they
are looking for
Formal document for employer and
employees- To stop disputes against what
is involved and what is expected of them…read more

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Choosing the correct advertising
option we need to consider-
Level of job vacancy
Resources the company has to handle the
Speed at which the employee is needed…read more

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