Communication for Business and communication systems AQA GCSE

to help with communication - please note that this is also good for business studies too - hope this helps and best of luck 


There are different types of communication that you should be aware of and a good way to remeber all of the types of communication is as follows with an example


Oral- convosation

Visual - poster 

Electronic- email

Non verbal- brail

As part of your revision see if you can come up with more examples of the five different types of communication and come up with advantages and disavantages of them for example they could be cheap or easy to use however some may be more expensive or they may be time consuming to create remeber that communication can be informal , formal , external ,internal , confidental , not confidental urgent and not urgent 

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The Process of communication

the process of communication is often seen as this 

sender - message - medium (what you use to send the message )- reciever - feedback i.e a response to the message 

think of the possible barriers to communication such as a lack of trust between workers or a fault woth a phone line 

also consider how the media and tone of communication will change if the message is to be sent out exterally - remeber that at this point you represent the business

choosing the best medium for communication is also vital because this will effct the effctiveness of the communication 

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