Communication for Business and communication systems AQA GCSE

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Written communication

  • examples inculde 
  • letters - external
  • reports -to share holders
  • a memo interal to keep people up to date on things i.e meetings
  • newsletters and notices are for everyone to see
  • brochures ( glossy magazine type things) , flyers( single page )  and leaflets ( fold and have more information in )
  • catalogues have product information in 
  • finacial information must be accurate and clear for example invoices

Leters have standard formats which must be used for a formalbusiness letter and this can take time to produce 

come up with advatages and dis advantages of each type of communicationand work out what it is suitble for in terms of what communication can be put on it 

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Electronic communication

This is the fast way of doing things for example a file could be faxed to someone or the person could send the file attached to an email websites can also be used to give out information just think of social networking sites like facebook and twitter or online banking 

Think about the advantages and disadvantages of email for example it is fast but is it secure enough , and the fact it won't work if a computer has a fault but you can attach emails and other files and you can bulk send information can you think of any more advantages and disadvantages and jot them down  and do the same for texmessages cos they r gr8

loyalty cards like boots advantage cards are handy has they help marketing to be more effective for the customers as you know what they are buying and therefore the information that they will be interested in

radio frequency identification cards (RFID) allow you to track products or can be attached to cars so you can pay tolls automatically

sav navs - give you directions from satellites but you know that 

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Face to Face communication - scary stuff !

this can be formal and informal ad must involve oral communication but there will also be a degree of silent communication in body language and expression you have to follow protocals at meetings and there are more of them for formal meetings as you have to make minutes for those who where not there at the meeting so they can be kept in the loop about lots of the things that happened at the meetings but there are basic ones like listening to others ( sometimes)

An appraisal is a meeting between a worker and their boss to see how well they have done in the past year and to see if they have met targets and set new ones to achieve this is supposed to be  motivation 

the annual general meeting happens on a yearly basis as does an appraisal and this is a meeting between shareholders and the directors of a business to see how well the business has done and to see what else should be done in the next year and work out how to achieve these as well as hiring directors of the business

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