Business and communication systems AQA GCSE- structures of business

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Hierarchical/ tall structure


  • motivates as there are oppotunites for promotion


  • high cost  as there are lots of middle managers 
  • communication has a lot of layers/ people ( a long chain of command) to go through so it likely to be slow and the information may get changed or mis intepreted at each layer
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  • shorter chain of command leads to better more effctive communication 


  • little chance for promotion - de motivational 
  • big spans of control( being in charge of lots of people can be over whelming for managers
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Matrix structure

is where you have two people incharge 


  • allows flexiblility in  what projects the operatives work on 


  • managers getting workers to gang up on the other one
  • conflicting information give by each manager
  • conflicting tasks
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circular struture

the aim of this type of structure is to make sure that no one feels like they are unimportant 

they can have the same disadvatages and advantages as hierachical structures flat or tal dpendant on the size of the organisation

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