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  • Networks
    • What is it?
      • A computer network is a system of computers linked together. There are two main types of network. LAN (Local Area) and WAN (Wide Area)
      • LAN - All on one site and computers connected via cables
      • WAN - connects large no. of computers over a long distance. Connected using communication lines.
    • Advantages and disadvantages of  business using the internet
      • Available 24/7, Promotes business, global sales potential, physical premises not required, buy stock online, advertisement, avoid loosing sales
      • Hackers, Have to keep updating the website, global competition, internet not always reliable, digital divide, sometimes the internet is slow
    • Disadvantages and Advantages of  LAN
      • Expensive, cable failure can affect all computers, printing can be slowed, effect of viruses, regular backup of all files is needed
      • Sharing of hardware, programs, disk drive, same files, databases, users can access work from any computer, easy to back up
    • Why is a website useful and effective?
      • Businesses can advertise services, interact with other businesses, search option, contact details, regularly updated, offers


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