TOPIC 3: Characteristics of Standard Application Packages (ICT AS OCR New Spec For First Teaching 2008)


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Topic 3: Characteristics of Standard Application Packages
Word Processor
"A word processor is a generic applications package that allows entry,
editing and formatting of text to create a range of documents."
· Use keyboard to enter written data (also entered by microphone using voice
· Most commonly used software
· Used to make documents such as letters, memos or reports.
· WYSIWUG features ­ What You See Is What You Get
· Text can be formatted, printed, saved
· Allow use of templates
Desktop Publishing (DTP)
"A DTP package incorporates specific features to enable the user to
design, create and produce professional looking publications."
· Allows user to create publication using a combination of images and text
· The main difference between DTP and word processing is the emphasis on the
ability to manipulate and position of graphics and words
· Used to produce flyers, posters, business cards, brochures
· Allow use to style sheets, templates and macros
"Spreadsheet packages enable the user to produce both mathematical and
financial models, and to produce graphs to diagramically represent data."
· Display data and are able to process and perform a large range of calculations
· Main use is therefore processing numeric data
· They can also be used to display graphs
· Can be used for spreadsheet modelling to make `What if...?' calculations
"Database packages enable the user to handle data."
· The data can be sorted and searched and split into tables or relationships
· Data can be sorted by different methods and fields (one field or multiple)
· Spreadsheets and databases can be linked with a word processing package to
perform mail merging

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Web Authoring
"The creation of web pages, can be achieved through the
use of a webauthoring package."
· Special features: webauthoring software has built in functions to enable the
user to create a web page to a good standard with a variety of features
(hyperlinks, hot spots etc)
· An advantage is that the user needs no prior knowledge of HTML (Hypertext
Mark Up Language)
· Templates are available in order to make a standard layout quick and easy.
Wizards are also available.…read more

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· ...have links to orders database
· ...have link to budget system
· ...update stock records when orders received
· ...have previous sales figures
· ...have ability to predict stock requirements based on previous sales
· ...have manual override on items being ordered
Two main users of stock control are SHOPS (want to keep just enough goods in but
not too many, especially if they are perishable.)
And MAUFACTURERS need to know all products required to create product.…read more

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All companies have customers and need to keep record of them and finances,
especially if they are given credit on products. Records need to include:
­ Contact details
­ Ordering details
The Data Protection Act (1998) dictates how customers information is stored,
handled and kept.…read more

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Similar to templates and are used to set out layouts. Also known as MASTER
DOCUMENTS. Styles refer to complete docs. The use of styles ensures that all
documents produced conform to a predetermined layout yet still gives the user
some scope for creativity.…read more

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How experienced the user
Clearly marked exits should be given in clear language
Commonly used functions should be given a shortcut/button/menu option
Design Considerations for Forms
Interface for a standard database is aimed at the developer, not the user. The
developer will use tools available to build an appropriate interface for the user and
this is done by use of forms. They can be created within applications, using
webbased forms, third party programs such as programming language to access
and manipulate data.…read more

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Menus enable a user to select actions ­ there are three types of (fullscreen, popup
and pulldown).…read more


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