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So tell me... What is Data?
Data is alphanumeric characters without meaning. They are raw facts and
figures that are unprocessed. Numbers and letters.

So I was wondering... What is the difference between information
and knowledge?
Knowledge is applied information, knowledge can come in the forms of
opinions and probabilities.…

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Consumables: Electricity/Ink/Paper

What is a backup: A copy.
What is an archive: Moving the data.

What are the components of a data dictionary?
· Table name. The name for the table should be unique for each table in
the database. E.g. qryShopping and qryPurchases.
· The data type should be…

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I really want to know what some characteristics of bitmap
graphics are?
· They are made up of pixels.
· Each pixels can be a different colour.
· Definition of a pixel is a square of colour.
· It blurs and pixelates when you zoom in or enlarge the image.…

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· Gives the creator rights to prosecute people who use the image without
· The creator can charge for the use.
· It cannot stop the images being taken.
· It establishes the ownership.

The Computer Misuse Act (1990) (CMA) features.
· Unauthorised access to computer material. e.g. hacking…

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· Communication is easier in order to solve problems, send emails and files
to other users.
· Files can be shared so more than one person can use the same file at the
same time.

What is a characteristic of hardware and software?
· Hardware can be touched. Physical components.…

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· Can only accept connections from allowed network connections which ties
down who can access data.

What can desktop publishing software create?
· Create a calendar.
· Create a poster.
· Create a flyer.

What are form controls? Give me some examples of some.
· Drop down lists.
· Spinner.…

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· Relative/Absolute referencing. Referencing cells for use of formulae/
· Sequencing, creating single formulae/ functions and copying them.
· Conditional formatting based on rules.
· Making changes to the model to try different scenarios without having to
build a new model.
· No additional cost.
· Graphs can show…

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How are tables, records and fields related to each other?
· Tables contain rows and each row is a record.
· Tables contain columns and each column contains field headings and
· Each record contains individual items of data.
· Each item of data is contained within a field.…

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What are some things you need to be careful of when designing a
data-entry screen?
· Layout, make sure it is logical and goes down the page.
· Error messages are present that are sound and visual. Informative for all
types of users, messages that tells you if you have…

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· Moving an object.
· Set up pictures with a time delay.
· Example.

· Wizards for mail merge:
· Allows inexperienced users to create mail merge. Saves money training.
· All information entered no data has been missing requiring it to be
redone. Saves time can be done…





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