These notes are all the mark schemes, I do not agree with the exam but learning mark schemes is what it has come down to. Enjoy!

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So tell me... What is Data?
Data is alphanumeric characters without meaning. They are raw facts and
figures that are unprocessed. Numbers and letters.
So I was wondering... What is the difference between information
and knowledge?
Knowledge is applied information, knowledge can come in the forms of
opinions and probabilities. Knowledge might be wrong. Knowledge is
understanding the information. Knowledge is also based on rules and can
changed based on additional information. Knowledge is the application of
information based on probabilities or rules. Knowledge changes with
increased information.
Data is information that does not change. Data it facts and is processed
data. Information is data which has meaning.
What does completeness mean?
Completeness is affected when some of the information is missing or not all
present. All information is required to answer a query.
What does relevance mean?
The information should be related to the query. An example should be given of
relevant and not relevant information if asked in a question.
What does accuracy mean?
The correct information is given. An example of accurate and not accurate
information should be given.
What does quality mean?
Quality means the level of detail, too much or too little information cannot find
out what you want.
What does presentation mean?
Presentation means being able to identify the information easy by ease of
What needs to be present to ensure data in a database is in first
normal form?
· There needs to be a primary key present
· There cannot be repeating groups
· There should only be one data item per field
· Field names must be unique

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Consumables: Electricity/Ink/Paper
What is a backup: A copy.
What is an archive: Moving the data.
What are the components of a data dictionary?
· Table name. The name for the table should be unique for each table in
the database. E.g. qryShopping and qryPurchases.
· The data type should be allocated for each field. e.g. in design view,
text/string/date/Boolean. The type of data that can be entered.
· Field length, the number of characters allocated for the contents of
each field.…read more

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I really want to know what some characteristics of bitmap
graphics are?
· They are made up of pixels.
· Each pixels can be a different colour.
· Definition of a pixel is a square of colour.
· It blurs and pixelates when you zoom in or enlarge the image.
· Takes up a lot of memory because each pixel is stored individually.
· It can be compressed into a smaller file size.
· Uses low processing to display.…read more

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Gives the creator rights to prosecute people who use the image without
· The creator can charge for the use.
· It cannot stop the images being taken.
· It establishes the ownership.
The Computer Misuse Act (1990) (CMA) features.
· Unauthorised access to computer material. e.g. hacking into a computer.
· Unauthorised access to a computer system with intent to commit or
facilitate the commission of further offences e.g. hacking into a
computer and finding information to blackmail the owner.…read more

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Communication is easier in order to solve problems, send emails and files
to other users.
· Files can be shared so more than one person can use the same file at the
same time.
What is a characteristic of hardware and software?
· Hardware can be touched. Physical components.
· Software is the intangible and is the programs. Code and instructions.
(Code that creates programmes/applications that performs tasks)
e.g. word processing / spreadsheets.…read more

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Can only accept connections from allowed network connections which ties
down who can access data.
What can desktop publishing software create?
· Create a calendar.
· Create a poster.
· Create a flyer.
What are form controls? Give me some examples of some.
· Drop down lists.
· Spinner. Image (for logo).
· Buttons. Text box. Combo box.
What are some advantages of using spreadsheet software for
what if questions.
· To try different scenarios.…read more

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Relative/Absolute referencing. Referencing cells for use of formulae/
· Sequencing, creating single formulae/ functions and copying them.
· Conditional formatting based on rules.
· Making changes to the model to try different scenarios without having to
build a new model.
· No additional cost.
· Graphs can show trends and predictions. Easier to understand data.
· What if prediction can look at different scenarios without building new
models. You can see without it occurring in real life.…read more

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How are tables, records and fields related to each other?
· Tables contain rows and each row is a record.
· Tables contain columns and each column contains field headings and
· Each record contains individual items of data.
· Each item of data is contained within a field.
What is the purpose of relationships in a database?
· To link records in different tables.
· To ensure referential integrity.
· To make sure data is not duplicated.
· To reduce storage space required.…read more

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What are some things you need to be careful of when designing a
data-entry screen?
· Layout, make sure it is logical and goes down the page.
· Error messages are present that are sound and visual. Informative for all
types of users, messages that tells you if you have done something wrong,
how to correct a mistake.
· White space, ensure data isn't cramped.
· Expertise of users, use short cuts.
· Text size/style which is large enough to be read.…read more

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· Moving an object.
· Set up pictures with a time delay.
· Example.
· Wizards for mail merge:
· Allows inexperienced users to create mail merge. Saves money training.
· All information entered no data has been missing requiring it to be
redone. Saves time can be done quickly allowing time for other work.
Steps of Mail Merge:
1. 1. Create and select data source. 2. Create and select template letter.
3. Insert merge/word fields. 4. Preview merge/complete/print.
2.…read more


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