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Beth Haworth

ICT Theory
Beth Haworth

Acts Leading to Data Security

The Data Protection Act

Became law on 12th July 1984.
Was updated in 1998.
Doesn't just apply to computer data also to paper files/ hard copies.
There are eight principles under the act:
o Data must be fairly and…

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Beth Haworth

As IT has spread, so has computer crime and abuse. The internet is used by innocent
members of the public but also by fraudulent traders, paedophiles, software pirates, hackers
and terrorists. Activities might include planting computer viruses, storing pornographic
images, carrying out all sorts of crimes, from credit…

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Beth Haworth

A virus is a piece of software which affects a computer in a negative way. It is developed
with a definite intention to cause damage to computer files or at least cause inconvenience or

Viruses are usually found as the first few instructions of a particular program…

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Beth Haworth

It was introduced due to concerned regarding the use and misuse of communication
interception techniques by public and private organisations. The act allows for the lawful
interception of postal, telecommunications and digital communications. The act also makes it
a criminal offense to monitor these communications without lawful authority.…

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Beth Haworth

Working with a computer can be stressful in that it can handle data as quickly as the
operator can enter it. Computer technology tends to depersonalise the work environment,
reducing the opportunity of human contact so that a stressrelieving chat is not possible.
Stress is a major health…

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Beth Haworth

Monitors have been blamed for causing eye strain. If you spend long hours in front of the
screen you will be more prone to it. Many companies provide free eye tests for employees
and there is now legislation concerning the ambient lighting. Many employers also provide
screen filters.…

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Beth Haworth

Last but by no means least you should take regular breaks from the computer. Ideally, this
should be five minutes every half hour. This helps relieve eye strain and prevents heart

Methods of Combating a Range of ICT Crime

Obviously, ICT crime involves a computer. It could…

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Beth Haworth

o This is a unique identifier for a user. It identifies the user to the system. User
IDs can be allocated to groups and those groups can have access rights and
programs allocated to them, e.g. according to which user group they belong
to, a user may be…

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Beth Haworth

This doesn't prevent data from being stolen. However, it is unlikely that the person
attempting to read it can do so, without the appropriate software.

Network Topologies

A Local Area Network (LAN) is a collection of computers and peripherals confined to one
building or site. A Wide Area…

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Beth Haworth

Advantages of a Star Network:
If one cable fails, the other stations are not affected.
You get consist performance even when the network is heavily used.
There are no problems with collision of data as each station has its own cable to the
It's easy to add…


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