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Topic 1: An ICT System and its Components
ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology. It involves all the
hardware and software to allow a system to store, retrieve, manipulate, transmit and
receive digital information. It also involves communication technologies such as
email, internet, mobile phones, digital TV and radios.
What is an ICT system?
An ICT system is one that involves input (1), processing (1) and output (1)
where the output usually foes directly to a human being (1) or another
system (1)
An ICT system consists of data (1), people (1), procedures (1) and hardware
(1). Software and information.
Inputs, processes and outputs
An example of an ICT system is a company payroll system
Components of an ICT system

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Quality of information
GIGO - if the data input is incorrect than the information outputted will be incorrect.
Jennifer is about to take her physics A Level exam. Give an example to show how each of the
factors below might affect the quality of information provided to Jennifer in her examination
Factor How this factor could affect the quality of inf
Accuracy If the data given in the exam paper is inaccurate then the results that Jennifer
inaccurate.…read more

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and female, these can be coded to M and F, someone could still
accidently enter S instead of F but if you set up validation so that the
field will only accept either `M' or `F' you can further reduce any
possible mistakes.
Increases accuracy of data entry
Less storage space is required
o Every letter you store in the database system will take up 1 byte of
storage; if you store `Female' as `F' you will save 5 bytes of storage
space.…read more

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Methods of Presenting Information
To be useful, information has to be meaningful to the person using it, this can be
done by;
Converting numerical data into meaningful graphs/charts
Presenting numerical data in pictorial form e.g.…read more

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Topic 3: People and ICT Systems
Characteristics of users
Age -- You would not design the interface of a piece of software for primary school
children in the same way as for an adult user.
Experience-- Users will have different experience in using ICT and any ICT solution
must take this into account.…read more

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A user interface provides a way of interacting with a computer or electronic device.
There are a number of different user interfaces and each one is suitable for use for
particular tasks or situations.
One of the first, but now least commonly used user interfaces is the Command LINE
Interface (CLI). A CLI allows the user to interact directly with the computer system
by typing in COMMANDS.…read more

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Personal qualities of ICT workers in particular jobs
ICT Job/Career Personal Qualities Needed? Why?
Project Manager/Team Leader Motivational skills To be able to bring out the best work
Have specialist knowledge and skills in Leadership skills in their team members
the area of the business which the To ensure all team members have
project covers.…read more

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Working in teams
Advantages and Disadvantages
The project manager can assign tasks to the If one team member does not complete their
team member with the most appropriate task on time, then it can affect other team
experience and skills to carry them out. members and cause the task to run late.
Team members are able to bounce ideas off Team members may fall out causing friction.
each other.…read more

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Motivational skills to be able to bring out the best in their team members.…read more


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