OCR AS ICTG061- Text Book FULL Summary- everything you need to know!

This is my notes on the whole AS text book- It is everything in the specification and in the text book summarised into these 11 pages..


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Chapter notes and key terms AS ICT
Chapter 1:
Data, information, knowledge and processing
Data information knowledge
Data is made up of alpha numeric characters
Information = data + structure +context + meaning
Knowledge is the application and use of information
Representation methods
Text (writing)
Graphics (pictures)
Sound (voice)
Animation (moving pictures)
LED (sequence of lights)
Data types
Boolean: yes/no
Real: numbers and decimals
Integer: whole numbers
Text/string: alphanumeric characters
Date/Time: date/time
Sources of data
Direct and indirect
A direct source is where you have collected the data
An indirect source is where someone else collected it for the same reason or
Static and dynamic data
Static data cannot be changed
Dynamic data can be updated/changed
Quality of information
Accuracy, relevance, age
Completeness, presentation and
Level of detail
Encoding data
Dovi Richman ICT AS

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Validation and verification-neither can ensure accuracy of data
Validation ensures that the entered data is reasonable, complete, sensible and within
acceptable boundaries this is achieved by:
Range check, type check, presence check, lookup check, check digit, length check,
and picture check
Verification ensures that the source and object are the same this is achieved by:
proofreading and by computer verification
Backup and archive
Backing up is making a copy of the data
Archiving is removing the data from direct sources
Cost of information
Hardware; specialist…read more

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Input, output and storage devices
Input: getting data external to the system into the system
Eg: keyboard, mouse, graphics tablet, scanner, digitiser, microphone etc
Output: getting data within the system out of the system
Eg: printer, plotter, monitor, speakers etc
Storage: holding/storing data
Eg: internal and external hard drives, CD/DVD, memory stick, tape etc
Specialist hardware devices
Puff suck switch
Mouth stick
Foot mouse
Braille keyboard
Specialist software
Text to speech
Speech to text
Predictive text
Sticky keys
Different types of software
Operating…read more

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Standard application/generic software
Word processing; letters, memos, reports
Desktop publishing (DTP): flyers, brochures, posters
Spreadsheet: graphs, modelling data- mathematical and objects forecasting
Database: handling data- searching and sorting
Web authoring: producing web pages
Presentation: creating slides- acetates or electronic
Personnel, stock control, invoicing, booking, timetabling, route finding, training.
Characteristics and purposes
Wizards, style sheets, templates, macros.…read more

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Used to model objects; virtual presentation, use of layers, questions can be asked
Used for financial modelling: based on functions and formulae, variables and
constants can be used, `what-if?' questions can be asked
Variables, formulae, rules and functions
In a spreadsheet:
A variable is an identifier associated with a particular cell and within the cell
there will be a value
A formula is a calculation with uses numbers, addresses of cells and
mathematical operators
Rules are a set of procedures that must be followed and…read more

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Primary key-single field, unique identifier for the record
Composite primary key- where two or more fields joined together to make a
unique identifier for the record
Foreign key- primary key in one table, field in another table, used to join
tables together
Secondary key-used to index a field
Single objects or processes
Information about things
Each entity becomes a table
Entities linked by relationships
Links between entities/tables
One-to-one - where on record in a table is linked to only one record in another…read more

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Problems with historic calculations
Data dictionary
Database about a database
Contains design details about the database
Includes table name, field name, data type, length, validation, relationships, security
Data types
Text/string: anything not requiring a calculation
Integer: whole numbers only, not telephone number
Real: numbers and decimal places
Boolean: one of two values
Date/Time: store age, dates, times
Look to see what data is going to be used for
-Simple query
A query where there is only one parameter
-Complex query
A query with more…read more

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Create template document
Insert merge fields from data source
Checks merge fields with data
Complete merge.…read more

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Describe methods for combating ICT crimes
Locked rooms
Biometric (fingerprint, iris scanner etc.…read more


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