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ICT Revision
INFO2: Living In the Digital
World…read more

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Keyword Definition
Data Raw facts and figures for processing (Information with no meaning)
Hardware The physical components of an ICT system
ICT system Hardware and Software that work together with people and procedures to do a job.
Information The output from an ICT system
Software The programs which supply the instructions to the hardware.
ICT Systems:
·Hardware and Software that work together with people and procedures to do a job.
·Consist of the following:
·People ­ physically input the data into the system.
·Data - these are the raw facts and figures which are input to be processed
·Information ­ the result as a result of processed data
·Software ­ computer programs which provide a step-by-step instructions to get the job completed
·Hardware ­ the physical components on which the software runs on.
·Procedures: determine what needs to be done and when.
Communications Technologies
also include:
·Digital TV and Radio
·Email, Instant Messaging and
·Mobile Phones
·GPS ­ global positioning
·Instant messaging…read more

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Keyword Definition
Data can arise from:
Data may be found in a
Data Raw facts and figures, or a set of values, measurements or ·Measurements of environmental
number of forms, such as:
records of transactions. Data has no meaning. (No quantities.
background details) ·Surveys
·Output from a previous system
Processing The act of arranging data into a meaningful order, or ·Images
performing calculations. ·Sounds
·Experimental results
Transaction A piece of business, e.g. An order, purchase, return,
delivery, transfer, etc.
Data is coded so:
Information Data that has been processed, and gives us knowledge. ·It is quicker to enter into a system
·More data can be shown at any one time on screen
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange ­ a ·Less storage space
code for representing characters in binary. ·Easier to apply validation checks.
Binary Code A code that is made up of binary digits, 0 or 1. (off or on)
Coding Producing a shorter version of the data to aid typing in Data becomes information when:
and to aid the validation of data. ·It is processed
·Converted to give it meaning
Encoding Putting data/information into a specialised format so that ·Organised in some way.
it can be sent across a network or stored by an ICT
system effectively. Data and information is generally
Sounds can be encoded into a number of
files, which include:
Images can be encoded
into a number of files,
which include:
·Shockwave Audio
Coding and Encoding are DIFFERENT
Coding is where data is shortened into a certain format for
when it is entered into a system. ENCODING is where data is
processed into a certain format so it can be stored by an ICT
system or transmitted across a network efficiently. Numbers and words are encoded with the
use of binary code.…read more

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·If data is not kept up to date, information may be sent to the
wrong address.
·Data that is generally collected includes
·Any changes of address
·Those who have past away
·Those who prefer not to have solicited mail
·Or those who have not responded to mail shots…read more

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Designing systems for the general public can
be quite difficult. Take websites as an
example. To make a system that is usable by
most, it is important to take into consideration
all of the factors. To be able to meet as many
requirements as possible, additional features
can be added/adapted. For example text can
be increased according to the user, or
language, or simply colour schemes. From
additional presets, one website can be
adapted to meet the requirements of the
general public.…read more

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Interface: the
point where
two objects
meet. In terms
of ICT, this
would be
between a
The different types of interfaces are
computer and
appropriate for different uses. See
its peripherals
INFO 1 notes for types of interfaces,
and the user.
advantages and disadvantages.
Because each interface is different, a different interface would be applied to
a use. With all systems, issues can arise, which need to be dealt with quickly
and efficiently. Help can be obtained from:
·Online Help
·Appropriate Training
·Existing User-bases
·Help Desks
·Experienced Users…read more

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