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America 1919-1929
The rise and fall of America's
economy…read more

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America-Lack Pants!!!
· Laissez faire
· Assembly line
· Credit
· Knowledge
· Position in the world
· Advertising
· New consumer goods
· Technology
· Share confidence…read more

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America-Lack Pants!!!
· Laissez faire- This was a policy of
the republican presidents which meant
that they didn't interfere with what
businesses did. This allowed
businesses to make their own choices
and decisions without any form of
restrictions. They could hire people
and pay them very low wages. This
was mostly immigrants as they were
willing to work in them conditions.…read more

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America-Lack Pants!!!
· Assembly line- The assembly line was
used for mass production. Henry ford
was known as the "The father of
automotive mass production." He used
the conveyor belt along side this which
increased the efficiency of factories.
This cut down the manufacturing Model
T from a day and a half to a mere ninety
minutes.…read more

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America-Lack Pants!!!
· Credit- This was a system where people
could buy goods and pay for them later.
This was a very useful as it meant that
middle class families could buy things they
couldn't normally afford. This provided
America's consumer society with a luxurious
lifestyle and a lot more leisure time. This
was because of accessibility (cars) and less
house chores ( washing machines).…read more

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America-Lack Pants!!!
· Knowledge- Different inventions
helped the development of new
technology. Bakelite was a plastic
which was used to make radios and
telephones. Electricity was developed
which gave factories a cheaper and
efficient power source.…read more

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