The Cognitive Approach to Psychology (AQA PSYB1)

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The cognitive Approach to psychology
The basic assumptions of the approach
Cognitive psychologists believe only by studying mental processes can
we understand why we behave the way we do!
Mental processes can only be studied in an objective and scientific way,
and therefore the approach follows experimental methods!
The study of internal mental processes (or the study of how we process
information, they just like to confuse us)
The first study of internal mental processes was conducted by Ebbinhaus
in 1885. He basically tried to memorise words with no meaning such as
Bak. He started the study of internal mental processing! And if it wasn't
for him he wouldn't be sitting here now learning it. Thanks a lot
Cognitive psychologists usually study internal mental processing by
measuring some kind of behaviour.
From studying our behaviour it allows psychologists to come up with
theories that might be going on in our mind.
Using an experiment cognitive psychologist have learnt how we
evaluate an argument or how we reason. Watson conducted and
experiment in 1968.
Computer analogy theory
The brain is similar to a computer in the following ways:
Takes information in
Stores information
Retrieves information
Environment determines

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