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Biological approach Assumptions:
Human behaviour is strongly influenced by our genetic make up and our
genetic inheritance.
The central nervous system is essential for thought and behaviour to take
place. Structure of the brain can explain behaviour and thought.
Chemical processes in the brain are responsible for psychological functions in
the brain. An imbalance of these chemicals can cause certain disorders.
The brain and the mind are the same. Some argue the brain is physical and the
mind is mental.…read more

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The biological approach is deterministic as it ignores an individual's free will as all
thoughts, feelings and behaviour is due to your biological make-up.…read more

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Method Strengths Weaknesses
Neurosurgery- manipulating the Allows precision and Ethical issues
brains structure ­ ablation and control
lesion Cause and effect
Damage to brain
Electrical Less harmful than Most research is done
stimulation-microelectrodes surgery on animals and
inserted to brain to stimulate therefore can't be
neurones More ethical generalised
Chemical stimulation-used
before operation
Post mortems-usually used on Provides a greater Difficult to obtain
people with long term illnesses understanding of rare control and brains
Cause and effect
EEG-recording electrical activity Safe and…read more


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