Sustainable Communities Case Study - Greenwich Millennium Village

Sustainable Communities Case Study - Greenwich Millennium Village 

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Greenwich Millennium Village
Being developed on Brownfield site
Part of the larger Greenwich Peninsula development
Over 5 years ­ 1377 homes are being built ­ social rents or shared ownership
Sustainability, energy efficiency, waste management and quality design and
construction are key features of the project
Millennium Primary School and Health Centre in the village is providing education,
training, healthcare, crèche and other community facilities on one site
Government ­ "increasing social inclusion and participation"
Most places sell for hugely inflated prices - £200,000 for one bed flat
Dressed up as future of urban living ­ vital addition to a decaying area
Distant to rest of Greenwich ­ most locals have never set foot in it ­ like a
`fenced-off estate'
Nicknamed `Yuppie Village'
Residents rarely go much further than the tube station or bus top
Areas heritage ­ Gas works until North Sea gas came into stream in 1970s
Started in 1999 after a competition in 1997
The first residents arriving in December 2000
There were 1095 completed homes by summer 2009, including live work units
Further phases of GMV will deliver around 1843 homes whilst over 10,000 homes are
planned for the rest of the Peninsula towards the O2.

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The development included cleaning up 121 hectares of some of the most
contaminated land in the country
The site is owned by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and is being
developed by Taylor Wimpey and Countryside Homes through a joint venture
company, Greenwich Millennium Village Ltd (GMVL).
Maintenance of the parks, the riverside walk, and the river walls is currently funded
through a special Peninsula charge of £109 pounds per home pa.…read more


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