Sustainable communities in London

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  • Sustainable Communities in London
    • Create 'Prestige Project Developments'
    • General Aims:
      • Are Prosperous
        • Decent homes for sale/rent at an affordable price
          • Safeguard green and open space
            • Well-designed, accessible and pleasant living and working environment
              • Effectively and fairly governed with strong sense of community.
    • Need for affordable housing over London, due to growing pop. and reduce homelessness.
    • Workers in public service need to live in affordable homes close to work.
    • Local authorities are working together to achieve these aims (Govn. for London & Greater London Authority)
    • Example- Coin Street.
      • 'Four housing' and provide 220 affordable homes for people in need.Social Enterprise.
    • Greenwich Millennium Village
      • Brownfield site.    Sustainable, energy efficient, waste management and quality design and construction are key


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