Urban Regeneration

Property Led Regeneration and Partnership Schemes

Refers to AQA A2 Geography (World Cities)

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  • Urban Regeneration
    • Property-Led Regeneration
      • Urban Developement Corporations (UDCs)
        • Set up in 1980s/ 1990s and given planning approval powers over local authorities
        • Use of Public Money to attract private investment.
      • London Docklands Development Corporation (LDDC) Case Study
        • Problems
          • Critism: Locals often have no say in developements
          • Hi-Tech Jobs not suitable for East End Dock Workers.
          • 'Yuppie' Newcomers pushing house prices out of reach of local residents.
          • Resentment about a loss of a tight-knit community.
        • Physical Regeneration
          • 160 000 trees planted
          • 17 new conservation areas
          • Thames Barrier Park
        • Social Regeneration
          • 8000 Local Authority Homes Refurbished
          • 120000 new jobs created. Unemployment fell from 14.2% to 7.4%
        • Economic Regeneration
          • Building of London City Airport
          • Property Developers Olympia and York responsible for office block building and FLAGSHIP Canary Wharf
            • Attracted the Telegraph newspaper.
          • Connection of West End with City Centre by Dockland's Light Railway.
    • Partnership Schemes
      • City Challenge Partnership
        • Background
          • System of competative bidding by local authroities to develop imaginative plans.
          • Involves Private Sector and Local Community to gain funding.
          • By 1993, 30 City Challenge Partnerships established.
        • Hulme
          • Included The Guinness Trust, Belway Homes and Manchester City Council
          • £37.5 million cost
          • 1960s deck access housing demolished due to crime and drug abuse in alleyways.
            • Replaced with two story-homes and low rise flats with courtyards.
            • Community Centre to improve community spirit
      • Prestige Project Developments
        • Waterfront Developents e.g. Cardiff Bay and St. Stephens, Hull.
        • 'Flagship Projects' - Eye Catching Developments to Attract Further Development in the area.
      • Sustainable Communities
        • Background
          • Initiated by Labour Government in early 2000s.
          • Designed where people will want to live, now and in the future, whilst sensitive to the environment
        • Greenwich Millennium Village
          • English Partnership had overall responsibility and invested £200 million
          • Modern Housing with 'Green Credentials' such as timber cladding.
          • Primary school - maximise daylight to reduce energy consumption
          • Planned to expand until 2015
          • 1095 homes by 2008
          • Problrms - infrequent 521 bus services and cut of by older dwellings by flyover


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